Pinnacle Mix - 5 Dozen
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Our Mint Golf Balls will look and play as new. Some may have unnoticeable to slight imperfections. Balls will appear to have been hit for a maximum of one hole, but most will look as though they were lost on the first tee box. Some balls may have logos, but there will be no X-Outs, cuts or creases

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  • Player Type: All
  • WHAT IS A MINT QUALITY BALL? These golf balls are like new in appearance and will feel and play as a new ball would. They may include player marks, but no scuffs or blemishes. They may contain corporate or team logos. We like to call them One Hit Wonder golf balls as it was most likely lost after the first swing. Refinished golf balls also fit into the mint category but have no player markings at all.
  • WHAT IS A AAA QUALITY BALL? These are the same as a golf ball you have played with for a few holes. (They don’t look new anymore, but you would keep teeing them up.) These are balls that did not make it into our Grade A category. They will have player marks, scuffs, or blemishes, but nothing bad enough to affect the playability of the ball.

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